🎊 Transfers between Qonto accounts are instant... and FREE!

Hi folks!

We've noticed that a lot of Qonto users are doing business together (meaning that they pay services/products to each other). We are very flattered about that, but it also means that Qonto should thank you for that 😋.

Instant and free

  • The time when you had to wait for days to receive payments from your clients now belongs to the past! Transfers between 2 Qonto accounts are instant!
  • Icing on the cake: they are free and unlimited!

How does it work?

  • Business as usual: initiate a transfer from either the desktop or mobile Apps
  • As soon as the transfer is submitted, we automatically detect that the beneficiary account is a Qonto account
  • The transfer is instant and free of charge
  • You can spot the beneficiaries using Qonto from the beneficiary list on the panel to the right (do you see the flower by the IBAN, below?).

For security reasons, we have decided (for now) to show you that the beneficiary account is a Qonto one only AFTER you have made a first payment to her. We'll try to improve that part at a later stage!

This is the time to recommend Qonto around you!

Now is probably the best time to start recommending your suppliers/clients/friends to use Qonto 😇. Click here to start referring Qonto!

If you use the link above, don't forget that both of you will benefit from 1 month of subscription for free.

As usual, drop us a line at support@qonto.eu for feedback and comments. And thank you in advance for that (this is how we actually keep improving our product everyday)!