⚽️ Team work gets a lot easier with Requests

Hello :)

At Qonto, we’re growing together with our users. As your team probably grew up in size over time, your needs have evolved and so should your favorite banking app.

A growing number of mid-size organisations among our clients have been asking us for a way to help streamline the workflow among their teams: one of the main demand was to let employees initiate transfers on behalf of their managers.


We’re very (very) happy to say that: it’s now possible with Qonto 🚀

Introducing a validation flow

Employees who need to initiate a transfer can now use “Requests”, available today for all Premium accounts. Here’s how it works:

  • 📨 Members submit a transfer request and fill the required information
  • 📣 Admins are notified of this new request by email or push notification
  • ☑️ Admins approve or reject requests in 2 clicks (it works on our mobile apps too!)
  • 💶 Only approved transfers will be executed

We believe this is the best way to get a full control on your company’s finances while giving your team more independence and visibility on pending payments.

Empowering your team, one step at a time

Obviously, there are many possibilities to do even more, and as a matter of fact: more is to come soon to help you streamline the workflow in your organisation. Stay tuned! 😊

If you’re curious about the Requests feature or just want to share your feedback, you can reach us at support@qonto.eu as usual! We’ll be delighted to hear what you think about this!

Happy banking!

The Qonto team