SWIFT: receive transfers from all over the world (finally) 🌍

You've been more than 1,000 companies asking for SWIFT transfers since January! The truth is, our team was already working on the subject: since this morning, you can (finally) get paid from around the world!

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💸 International transfers, straight to your current account

You don't have to keep an account in a traditional bank to receive international transfers anymore. No need to ask your customers to use an intermediary service (such as Transferwise or Xendpay) either.

Starting today, French and German companies can receive all their client's transfers on their Qonto account:

  • get transfers from +142 countries
  • and in 59 different currencies
  • in case you wonder, we also manage the currency conversion in euro

Just so you know, we have updated your account details with your SWIFT information. If you need them, just hit the download (or copy) button on your (brand new) Account details section!

☝️ Since July 7, 2020, this service is available for our Italian and Spanish customers.

⚖️ No unpleasant surprises

We have become used to traditional banks charging hidden (and often mind-blowing) fees. At Qonto, however, we prefer to provide you with all the details upfront on the cost of receiving a SWIFT transfer:

Receipt fees?

  • If you have a Solo plan, a fee of €5 excluding taxes is charged per transfer.
  • If you have a Standard or Premium plan, this fee is included in your plan.

If most of your clients are based abroad, take a moment to consider which plan is best for your business!

Exchange fees?

You may not be aware, but fees are added to the exchange rate. The bank responsible for converting the funds always applies a relatively small percentage fee.

When converted by the issuing or intermediary bank, the funds arrive at Qonto already converted into euros. Since the conversion has been completed beforehand, we have no control over the fees added to the exchange rate displayed on your screen.

In the event that Qonto manages this task, we have negotiated with our correspondent bank a fee equal to about 2% of the interbank exchange rate. This is just an estimate. This rate may be higher or lower depending on the date, the transfer amount and the currency.

Fixed fees?

Some issuing or intermediary banks may deduct fixed fees (in addition to the exchange fees) from the transfer amount. You can avoid these fees, however, by asking your clients to choose the OUR option when preparing a transfer. This way, all the fixed fees are charged to the sender.

☝️We recommend that you carefully read this article for all the details and information on the cost of a SWIFT transfer.

Last but not least: if your bank account number starts with the letters TRZO, it means that your account is still hosted on our historical partner's banking platform (Treezor). We, therefore, must first transfer your banking activity onto our new platform.

Don't worry, you don't have to do anything. Gradually, we are offering all our users to migrate their banking activity to their new current account. You just have to wait for our email. 🙂

That's all you have to know! But if some questions remain, feel free to ask us: support@qonto.eu 🙂

The Qonto Team