🗣 Request a Direct Debit refund

To give you even more control over your payments, Qonto allows you to request a Direct Debit refund from your application! 🥳

SDD refund - release note (1).gif

🤓Did I hear right?

You don’t recognize the amount debited by your creditor? You’ve been debited even if this Direct Debit was suspended? You may not know this, but you’re allowed to request a refund! You have a legal period of 8 weeks to request a refund without having to justify this request.

🧐What types of Direct Debits?

You can request a refund for all your SEPA Core Direct Debits. Very common, they are probably already part of your daily life: electricity, gas, internet subscription... You set it up providing your Qonto IBAN to the creditor.

🤗How does it work?

You realize there’s an error regarding one of your Direct Debits. You can cancel this debit independently by clicking on Request a refund from your transaction details.

👋Good to know

If you’re not able to see the button, that's because your IBAN starts with TRZ. No worries! Simply complete and send us the document that you can download from our FAQ to get a refund.

Qonto is more than ever focused on your autonomy! Feel free to give us your feedback or send a few sweet words at support@qonto.eu - we love it! 💌

Talk to you soon!