🗣 Qonto helps you go to war against missing receipts

It’s over. You won’t spend any more days claiming missing receipts to others. Qonto helps you to centralize all your company's payment receipts by reminding your employees to attach the missing ones when they forgot to do it so.

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🤷‍♂️ Why collecting missing receipts?

Missing receipts collection is paramount. Accountants need them in order to prepare your books: they help confirm the nature of the purchase and the VAT rate associated with them. Also, if you go for our Premium plan, the VAT is automagically detected from your receipt.

☝️ How does it work?

You’re an employee.

Did you forget to upload some of your payment receipts on Qonto? When you log into your web application, an information banner now reminds you that some are missing. Filter your transaction history and identify the transactions involved.

You’re an accountant.

You log into Qonto to export all the transactions of the month and surprise! A banner announces you that 16 receipts are still missing for the month of March 2019. It couldn’t be simpler, click on Send a reminder to asking all employees concerned to add their receipts.

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