🌱 Meet Qonto's new look

Hello spring!

Spring is often perceived as a time of transition, during which nature renews itself in splendour. Just like Mother Nature, we’ve done our own bit of renewal, to bring you an ever-improving experience for your bank account. ☀️


As you might have seen by now, Qonto’s desktop App has gotten a fresh new look. Sections like History, Payments and Cards have changed a lot. Here’s an overview of what’s been updated recently:

  • 👉 A new dropdown menu to make it easier to find your organisation settings, your own profile and switch between your different accounts, all in one place.
  • 🧐 Updated font, font size and font colours for a better readability. We’ve also made buttons copy more explicit.
  • 🐣 Refreshed lists and tables to get straight to the point and remove distraction.
  • 🔬 Makeover of transactions details so the most important information stands out in the side panel when you click on a transaction. You can now find and edit what you need at a glance!
  • 💄 And many other small changes... making a big difference!

We hope this is to your liking as this is just the beginning! Our design team is busy improving your Qonto experience: more updates will follow soon. 💅

Any thoughts on this new design? Please share with us, we're always listening! You can reach out at support@qonto.eu for feedback.

A bientôt ! 🌸