🔖 Making transfer requests even better!

Since day one, one of our key missions at Qonto has been to facilitate your company’s financial management. With the Requests feature, any team member with access to Qonto can initiate a transfer that will be validated by one of the account’s Admin.

From the day we released this feature at the beginning of last summer, many of you have reached out to us to suggest improvements.

Therefore, we are extremely happy to announce that you can now use:

  • Scheduled transfer requests: because what’s done is done. You can now anticipate transfer requests by setting up an execution date. If approved by an Admin, it will be processed on the chosen date automatically.

  • Standing transfer requests: you can initiate a payment to be executed on a weekly or monthly basis. Once approved, it will automatically be executed at each payment date.

  • Bulk transfer requests: team members - especially your finance manager - are now able to request bulk transfers by uploading an .XML file.


And because we know that sometimes you have to keep an eye on the business while on the go, we've made it possible to review and approve all these transfers directly in our mobile applications (bulk transfers are coming very soon!)!