🤸🏼‍ Making Direct Debits management a Child's Play

We know, when it comes to set up a direct debit…. ouch, it is easy to get confused! 🤯So, we handled it to make the Direct debits section simpler as ever!

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Let’s make it clearer!

There are two types of SEPA direct debits:

The SEPA Core direct debits are the most common ones. You just have to send your banking details to the creditor and they’ll initiate the payment. You don’t have to do anything else.

The SEPA B2B direct debits are mostly used by public institutions (URSSAF, DGFIP…). To authorize the debit on your account, the institution has to provide you with a SEPA mandate, which you will have to sign and upload into your Qonto account.

A slick interface

“Easy Business Banking” is all about providing an intuitive interface to help you focus on what matters most: your business. Find all the information you need regarding your SEPA Core or inter-company (B2B) direct debits in only a single tab.

Let us drive you!

No need to be a financial expert to set up a direct debit. You just have to click on Set up a new direct debit and let us guide you through the setup step by step – you won’t even have to know the difference between SEPA Core and B2B (even though we’re pretty sure that you know everything about it by now 😉).

Did your creditor provide you a SEPA mandate form?

If so, after receiving the SEPA mandate, sign and upload it online. Also, enter the bank account information of the person you wish to pay. No more mistakes! We guide you in setting up a new direct debit with the information we’ve collected on public institutions. In case of mismatching data between what you’ve entered and the creditor concerned, you’ll be notified in real time (and avoid any unpleasant surprises)!

If not, your creditor takes care of everything – you just have to provide your banking details and won't have to set it up on Qonto.

Did we hear a sigh of relief?

As you already noticed, this new interface has been tailor-made for you! To send sweet words to our tech and product teams (they deserve it) or ask questions, you can reach out right here support@qonto.eu 💌

See you!