🗂 Introducing Custom Labels

Bonjour Qontoers,

On this beautiful spring Tuesday 🌷, we're proud to announce custom labels: a brand new feature to help you better categorise your transactions, right inside Qonto! This is going to be a lot more handy to allocate expenses into the right buckets; and we are sure CFOs are going to love it to prepare their analytical P&L easily!

You can now apply labels from up to 3 custom lists to each of your transactions!

Qonto - Custom Labels.png

How do I set up my lists of labels?

Just head to your organisation's settings. From there, you will be able to name and define up to 3 lists, as well as an infinite number of labels per list.

Screenshot 2018-04-06 16.54.18.png

How do I label my transactions?

In the details of your transactions, you will see a new custom labels section in which you can assign a label for each list you have created.

2018-04-06 16_52_33.gif

Good to know

Custom labels are a great way to organize and classify your transactions and help you understand the financials of your business in a better way.

You will then be able to find your assigned labels for each transaction in your CSV (Extended) export, for easy analysis in the spreadsheet editor of your choice!

Custom labels can be set up on your desktop App and can be assigned to transactions through any of your Qonto Apps (iOS, Android and Web)

As usual, feel free to reach out at support@qonto.eu for feedback. We can't wait to hear from you about the way you use custom labels!

Happy Tagging! 🏷️

The Qonto team

P.S.: If you've used our previous "label" feature, fear not: all your transactions are still labelled. You will find your labels in the first list of custom labels.