😇 Give your accountant access to your account in a breeze!

Why should I give access to my accountant?

Providing your accountant with an access to your payment account is a great way to make his life easier and save a lot of time for yourself. ⏱

Once your accountant has access to Qonto, he/she becomes fully autonomous. That means they don't have to ask you for manual exports every once in a while : they can access and export all the information needed from Qonto (transactions, receipts, notes, VAT amounts, or labels).

Accountants using Qonto with at least one client report a significant amount of time saved, and their time is... your money! 💸

How can I invite my accountant?

Inviting your accountant just became easier than ever. To invite your accountant, head to the "teams" section of your app.

  1. Create a new invitation with the "accountant" role. All you have to fill in is a name and an email.
  2. Your accountant will receive an invitation email, including the details of everything they can do with their access, and a link to sign up
  3. To sign up, all your accountant needs to do is confirm their email, phone number, and define a strong password.

That's it: they're now IN ✌️

What if my accountant didn't respond to my first invitation?

Your accountant is a busy person, this happens. So we've added an option for you to invite your accountant again. Just click on their profile in the "Team" tab and click "Send invitation again".

We hope this simplified process is going to save you and your accountant a lot more time, so that you can focus on what matters most: running your company efficiently.

If you have any feedback about this (or anything else), please don't hesitate to reach out to support@qonto.eu - we're always listening.

Happy bookkeeping! 🤓

The Qonto team.