✊ Easier history & cards management for power users!

A growing demand from the largest organisations using Qonto has been to make your thousands of history lines, and your list of MasterCards more readable.

We've heard you, and developed 2 small features to make this easier for you.

Hide Qonto fees from your history!

The downside of our transparent pricing is that a separate "Qonto fee" transaction can appear in your history for every operation that's not included in your plan, which can crowd your transaction history very fast.

Now, you can just head to your user's personal settings, and untick the box "show Qonto fees in transaction history".


Et voilà: your transaction history becomes instantly cleaner.

NB: This setting is limited to your web experience, and won't affect your transaction history on iOS or Android.

Quickly access the cards you need

In a large team, you have dozens of cards to manage, making it hard to change the spending limit of that one card your employee asked you to.

On the Web, we have now added quick filter buttons for the filters your are most likely to use, letting you quickly drill down to the card you need.

For example, clicking "Active cards" will hide all cards that are expired, or permanently blocked.

See for yourself:

2018-05-14 19_42_10.gif

We hope these minor changes make a small difference in your everyday Qonto experience: do keep the feedback coming (we're always listening at support@qonto.eu)!

All the best, The Qonto team.