Cash your checks with your smartphone

Unfortunately, you can’t make the days any longer (we’ve tried). Instead, we would like to help you save some valuable time by cashing clients’ checks, wherever you are, directly on your mobile app!


💔 It’s finally here

Nearly a year has passed since check deposit was added to Qonto. Already?! Time flies when you’re in good company. But that’s enough nostalgia for one day. Since its launch on the web application, many of you have been asking when check deposit will be available on the mobile app. Well, consider it done!

You can officially open your day planner to Friday, from 11 am to 12 pm, and scratch “Cash checks on Qonto” from your to-do list. Now, you can cash checks on the go, as they come in each day, directly from your mobile app.

😻 How does it work?

Just do exactly as you would on the web application! The only difference is that the check section on the mobile app is available from the More tab located in the search bar at the bottom of your smartphone screen.

1- Open the check section in the More tab.

2- Click on Deposit a check and follow the instructions.

3- Enter the information on the check: amount, name of the person or company who issued it, date, check number and key.

4- Send it to us by post to the address on your screen. Just to be sure, we recommend getting a tracking number.

5- Wait for a little. Your funds will appear on your account within 24h for checks under €1,000 and 15 days (maximum) for other amounts. It may be a long time to wait, we know, but we need this time to avoid fraudulent checks.

☝️ Remember to ask your clients to make your checks out to the name of your company. Otherwise, we won’t be able to cash them. 😕

😌 An occasional solution

If you’ve used this feature on our website, you’re already aware that we are not fans or avid defenders of this method of payment. We offer this occasional solution, however, in the event that one of your clients has no other option.

Checks are a rather unreliable payment method… That is why we continue to recommend that you opt for transfers, which are fast and secure!

☝️The maximum authorized amounts remain the same: €10,000 over a 30-day period, and a limit of €5,000 per check.

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The Qonto team