🎯 Jedeclare.com・Import automatically bank statements into accounting!

Hi friends!

Your accountant's life is gonna become a lot easier starting from today!

Because we are banking nerds 🤓 and because we believe that you should not spend a minute doing things that can be automated, we have just made possible for her to retrieve your bank statements automatically using jedeclare.com. Et oui!

What is jedeclare.com?

The service is used by thousands of accountants in France, in particular to retrieve bank statements automatically on a periodical basis and plug them into any accounting software. In short, this will help her make your bookkeeping in a lot more efficient manner.

What does your accountant need to do?

  1. Login to account from jedeclare.com
  2. Go to the Relevés bancaires section (available on the left navigation bar), click on Saisir un RIB and then Ajouter RIB
  3. Enter your Qonto RIB (or IBAN) in the appropriate fields
  4. Select Collecte par Web scraping
  5. Schedule bank statement retrieval by making sure that your email is properly set up in the company section
  6. Click on Valider

You will then receive an email requesting you to provide your Qonto credentials to give permission. Just follow the on-screen procedure... and relax!

We hope your accountant will love that feature 🙌🏻. As usual, your feedback is very important to us. Feel free to drop us a line at support@qonto.eu to follow-up!

Shazam 🦄!

📊 See the big picture with Dashboard

Hello Qonto family 👋🏻

Qonto is on a mission to help you better manage your business, through easier banking and smart financial workflows. Today, we're proud to introduce a key feature to help you do just that: the Dashboard.

Dashboard lets you visualize key insights, including but not limited to:

  • how your account balance is evolving over time;
  • where most of your cash inflow comes from; or
  • what you spend the most on.

As of now (and it will evolve over time!), the Dashboard consists of 4 main graphs, all updated in real-time with your latest transactions.

1) Balance

You will be able to see how your end-of-month account balance has evolved over time, as well as the last transactions to-date that impacted it.

2) Cash flow summary

You can inspect the cash movements on your account in the cash flow summary graph. Click on any month to find out how much cash went in or out of your account on that month, and view transactions that played the biggest role.

3) Cash inflow

The cash inflow by contributor chart helps you figure out which customer contributed the most to your income on a particular month.

4) Cash outflow

  • The cash outflow by user chart helps you know who is spending the most on your team (and if a user should start cutting down on expenses 💸😅)

  • With the cash outflow by category, you can view in which expense types you spend the most, and spot opportunities to optimize your cash out.

You can already access Dashboard from the left navigation of the App, right below History. Dashboard is visible to users with an Owner, Admin, or External role. It is only available on Web App for now... but expect to see it on your Qonto mobile App shortly! 📈

As usual, don't hesitate to reach out to us support@qonto.eu if you spot any bugs or if you have any recommendations for metrics / graphs you would like to see on Dashboard: your feedback will be much appreciated!

Et voilà for today 👻!

✨ Create your Mastercard straight from the App!

Hi Qonto-ers! 👋

Because you’re not always behind your desk when you need to create a physical or virtual card for a team member or yourself, we have now added the possibility to create your Mastercards straight from the App in a matter of seconds!

You can get the new iOS app here.

How it works

  • Tap the card icon in the navigation bar
  • Click the top right “+” symbol
  • Select the type of card you want
  • Set the card parameters
  • Done!


The feature is currently available for iOS users but will be shipped for Android users in a few weeks. Stay tuned! ✨

A presto!😉

🎳 Manage all your SEPA direct debits in one place!

Hey Qonto-ers!

This one is a big one! You can now set up B2B SEPA direct debits and manage all your direct debits directly from Qonto! This is one step further to become THE banking alternative for all SMEs, and to manage your finance workflows in an efficient and modern way 🙃!

The Transfer section becomes the Payments section!

The Payments section allows you to manage all your SEPA transactions in one place. It is composed by 3 tabs:

  • Transfers: wire money as you always have been :)
  • SEPA Mandates: manage all your SEPA direct debit mandates which do not require any action on your side. If you want to speak technical, they are called "SEPA CORE" and are most commonly used (for instance for your utility or telephone payment).
  • B2B SEPA Mandates: manage all your B2B SEPA direct debit mandates, commonly used by public instances such as Trésor Public or DGFIP (VAT collection). They require some actions from you. Read below :)

What is a SEPA B2B direct debit?

B2B SEPA direct debit, also called B2B SDD or SEPA B2B, is a form of direct debit commonly used by businesses. It allows to pay an invoice in euros, one time or on a recurring basis, without a maximum amount, to a creditor in the SEPA zone. Unlike for SEPA CORE, SEPA B2B requires the payer to send the debit mandate signed to the bank.

You got it: it's pretty handy that we now offer this possibility if you use Qonto as your main banking solution!

How to set-up a B2B direct debit?

To set up a B2B direct debit, you need to provide a scanned version of your signed mandate. This mandate is provided by your creditor.

  1. Go to the Payments section of the App's left navigation bar and click on the third tab "B2B SEPA Mandates"
  2. Click on the round button icon
  3. Upload a scan of your signed mandate and input
  4. Fill the form with the information present on the mandate

One last thing

Only new SEPA direct debits will be prompted in this section. Previous ones will be shown only when a new payment (from a recurring direct debits - that you can see in the History section) occurs. We will improve that shortly :)

As usual, your feedback is very important to us. Feel free to drop us a line at support@qonto.eu to follow-up!

Sayonara! ⭐️

⚙️ Fetch more of your transactions with our Open API


Since our Open API is getting popular, we've started to make it more robust, starting with the ability to fetch all transactions you currently see in your transaction history 💪.

You used to be able to only fetch completed transactions (transactions that have impacted your settled balance); you are now able to use the optional status filter in your query, to retrieve not only completed, but also pending, declinedand reversed transactions. (Here's how).

This is great for those of you who want to build integrations giving you (or your custom app's users) visibility on future cash flows: the transactions that are impacting a bank account's authorized balance, but not (yet) its settled balance.

And because you've asked, we've also taken advantage of this update to add the following attributes to transactions:

  • transaction_id (a unique identifier letting you track a transaction's changes over time)
  • emitted_at (the timestamp at which a transaction was first recorded)
  • note (the note entered by a user in a transaction's side panel, letting you better understand what the transaction really was about)

You will also find the authorized_balance value for your bank account in the response to GET /organizations.

These changes have been rolled out as part of a V2 of our API (Documentation available here): if you're using our V1 - fear not: nothing has changed for you. However, if you wish to start upgrading your app to our V2, do read our versioning page.

We look forward to seeing what you can build with this API, and are always open to more feedback on how to improve it 🔧!

À bientôt! 👷

💼 Have your new Mastercard cards shipped to your office address

You've told us that you wanted the flexibility to choose between shipping the card to the cardholder's address, or your office's address. It is now possible!

When creating a new card, you'll now be presented both options.

Happy ordering! 📬

🙌 Wire money directly from the iOS App!

Hi Qonto-ers!

It's been a loooong wait but see for yourself:

It is now possible to create and manage transfers directly from the iOS App, in just a few taps. This is going to be pretty handy to pay a supplier or schedule standing payments to service providers. It's easy as ABC!

You can get the new iOS App here.

How it works

  • Tap the paper plane icon in the navigation bar
  • You can view/manage all already scheduled transfers
  • Tap the "+" symbol on the top right to create a new transfer
  • Add a beneficiary or choose an existing one
  • Set the amount to wire and click submit
  • Done!


The feature is currently available for iOS users but will be shipped for Android users in a few days. Stay tuned!

As usual, feel free to get back to us with your feedback at support@qonto.eu and don’t forget to leave us a 5-star rating if you enjoy using our App! ⭐️

Hasta luego 🤠!

🤓 Better transaction categories

Hi Qonto-ers!

Turning the accounting chores into a pain free experience is one of our main goal at Qonto. Today we're taking a new step towards it by improving the transaction categories.

We've listened to your feedback and came up with a new list of categories (and fancy icons) that are more relevant to a business account.

You can now use these new categories to sort your transactions and ease your accounting work. To make it as smooth as possible, we're only showing the relevant categories depending on the transaction method (transfers, card transactions, incomes...).

We have also improved the way the card transactions are categorized. For each payment made with your Qonto card, the transaction will now be more accurately tagged, based on the merchant activity (we are working on making this feature even more intelligent, stay tuned!)

As usual, your feedback is very important to us. Feel free to drop us a line at support@qonto.eu to follow-up!

Speak soon!

P.S. The new categories are also available on mobile. Make sure to update your Qonto app to use it

🚀Our Android App is LIVE

Hi folks,

It's been a long wait but we are proud to announce that our Android App is now available of Google Play.

Features include:

  • Get real-time push notifications straight after paying with Qonto
  • View and edit all your company's transactions
  • Attach photos of receipt to your transactions
  • Manage your team's physical and virtual cards directly from the App
  • Unlock App with Fingerprint
  • Switch from a Qonto account to another in a tap
  • Chat with our help desk to give us ideas and feedback

We have tested/QA-ed this app a lot, yet we are never 100% sure that everything is perfect. Please, send us your feedback at beta-android@qonto.eu if you find any bug to report. The email will go straight to our Product Manager in charge of mobile for lightening speed actions on our side.

Also, we are already working on a bunch of features that we find relevant, such as transfers, search/filter or OCR on receipt. Those will be rolled out over the coming weeks.

Stay tuned 🐭!

🏁 iOS App v1.2.1 is live

You can now download our new iOS App!

It includes new features such as:

  • Find your transactions in seconds by using our new "quick access" filtering capability (my transactions, attachments status or methods);
  • Add VAT rates to your transactions; we are just a few versions away to make your accounting lightening speed!
  • New transactions are highlighted when visiting the History section;
  • New transaction header with a better UI.

Don't forget to leave us a 5-star rating if you enjoy using our App 🙃.

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