🔖 Making transfer requests even better!

Since day one, one of our key missions at Qonto has been to facilitate your company’s financial management. With the Requests feature, any team member with an access to Qonto can initiate a transfer that will be validated by one of the account’s Admin.

From the day we released this feature at the beginning of last summer, many of you have reached out to us to suggest improvements.

Therefore, we are extremely happy to announce that you can now use :

  • Scheduled transfer requests : because what’s done is done. You can now anticipate transfer requests by setting up an execution date. If approved by an Admin, it will be processed on the chosen date automatically.

  • Standing transfer requests : you can initiate a payment to be executed on a weekly or monthly basis. Once approved, it will automatically be executed at each payment date.

  • Bulk transfer requests : team members - especially your finance manager - are now able to request bulk transfers by uploading an .XML file.


And because we know that sometimes you have to keep an eye on the business while on the go, we've made it possible to review and approve all these transfers directly in our mobile applications (bulk transfers are coming very soon!)!

⛓Qonto introduces a new Referral program 🎁

Qonto released a new Referral program system allowing you to recommend Qonto to your peers and be rewarded for it. Here is how it works and how to keep track of potential rewards.

We’ve noticed that most of our 25.000+ users recommend Qonto to fellow business owners and we couldn’t be more grateful for this. Since this started organically, we’d like to fuel the movement and encourage referrals by offering a reward to you and your referees.

That’s why we introduced a brand new referral program. You can find it in the bottom left corner of your Qonto App.


How does it work?

With this new system, each and every organization using qonto has a dedicated link that can be shared either on social media or via email to other companies eager to subscribe to Qonto.

You can copy/paste your company’s referral link from the Qonto app or fill-in directly your contacts email addresses and we’ll send them a personalized message on your behalf.

When signing up through your referral link, each company will receive a €10 credit on their Qonto account and you’ll receive an additional €10 on yours for putting a good word for us.

Capture d’écran 2018-10-11 à 14.55.49.png

Note : Both rewards are triggered after your referee’s first payment with a Qonto card.

We’ve also added a way to keep track of your earnings. As soon as companies start using your link to sign up, you'll see your pending and validated earnings in a side panel of the 'Recommend Qonto' tab.

Your opinion matters to us!

For any feedback or question, we encourage you to get in touch with our support team by email : support@qonto.eu!

📚 A brand new (and easier!) way to visualize attachments in Qonto

Qonto introduced earlier this week a brand new way to visualize transactions attachments in the Qonto app.

This update aims to provide you with a sleeker UX and let you visualize attachments while being able to fill in VAT rate, add custom labels or a note to let your team members know about the context of each spending.

This means you’ll be able to see the receipt on the left while the right-hand tab lets you pick:

  • VAT country
  • VAT rate
  • VAT amount


Note: If you want to check how your admin can set up custom labels for your Qonto account, please check this page.

For accountants and finance managers who have to check each receipt individually, it’s also a much quicker and convenient way to check if the data is correct by comparing it with the actual document in one split view. They’re likely to save a lot of time and hassle. And so do you!

We hope that this new UX upgrade will help you get the most of your Qonto current account.

For any feedback or question, we encourage you to get in touch with our support team by email : support@qonto.eu!

⚽️ Team work gets a lot easier with Requests

Hello :)

At Qonto, we’re growing together with our users. As your team probably grew up in size over time, your needs have evolved and so should your favorite banking app.

A growing number of mid-size organisations among our clients have been asking us for a way to help streamline the workflow among their teams: one of the main demand was to let employees initiate transfers on behalf of their managers.


We’re very (very) happy to say that: it’s now possible with Qonto 🚀

Introducing a validation flow

Employees who need to initiate a transfer can now use “Requests”, available today for all Premium accounts. Here’s how it works:

  • 📨 Members submit a transfer request and fill the required information
  • 📣 Admins are notified of this new request by email or push notification
  • ☑️ Admins approve or reject requests in 2 clicks (it works on our mobile apps too!)
  • 💶 Only approved transfers will be executed

We believe this is the best way to get a full control on your company’s finances while giving your team more independence and visibility on pending payments.

Empowering your team, one step at a time

Obviously, there are many possibilities to do even more, and as a matter of fact: more is to come soon to help you streamline the workflow in your organisation. Stay tuned! 😊

If you’re curious about the Requests feature or just want to share your feedback, you can reach us at support@qonto.eu as usual! We’ll be delighted to hear what you think about this!

Happy banking!

The Qonto team

😇 Give your accountant access to your account in a breeze!

Why should I give access to my accountant?

Providing your accountant with an access to your payment account is a great way to make his life easier and save a lot of time for yourself. ⏱

Once your accountant has access to Qonto, he/she becomes fully autonomous. That means they don't have to ask you for manual exports every once in a while : they can access and export all the information needed from Qonto (transactions, receipts, notes, VAT amounts, or labels).

Accountants using Qonto with at least one client report a significant amount of time saved, and their time is... your money! 💸

How can I invite my accountant?

Inviting your accountant just became easier than ever. To invite your accountant, head to the "teams" section of your app.

  1. Create a new invitation with the "accountant" role. All you have to fill in is a name and an email.
  2. Your accountant will receive an invitation email, including the details of everything they can do with their access, and a link to sign up
  3. To sign up, all your accountant needs to do is confirm their email, phone number, and define a strong password.

That's it: they're now IN ✌️

What if my accountant didn't respond to my first invitation?

Your accountant is a busy person, this happens. So we've added an option for you to invite your accountant again. Just click on their profile in the "Team" tab and click "Send invitation again".

We hope this simplified process is going to save you and your accountant a lot more time, so that you can focus on what matters most: running your company efficiently.

If you have any feedback about this (or anything else), please don't hesitate to reach out to support@qonto.eu - we're always listening.

Happy bookkeeping! 🤓

The Qonto team.

🔨 Qonto now works great on smaller screens!

Bonjour, Qontoers!

When browsing Qonto on the web with a small screen, your experience could get... sub-ideal, to say the least. 😕

The page didn't really adapt, and in some cases you had to zoom out or scroll sideways.

We heard you, and we fixed it! 🔧

Now, when space becomes limited, the main navigation moves from the side to the top your screen, to give more room to your content! Take a look:

History - 1200 - Size panel on.png

We hope you enjoy browsing your favorite banking site with this new layout! A few more tweaks, and we'll soon even make it possible for you to browse your favorite banking site on your iPad or Android tablet! 🙌

All the best,

The Qonto team

✊ Easier history & cards management for power users!

A growing demand from the largest organisations using Qonto has been to make your thousands of history lines, and your list of MasterCards more readable.

We've heard you, and developed 2 small features to make this easier for you.

Hide Qonto fees from your history!

The downside of our transparent pricing is that a separate "Qonto fee" transaction can appear in your history for every operation that's not included in your plan, which can crowd your transaction history very fast.

Now, you can just head to your user's personal settings, and untick the box "show Qonto fees in transaction history".


Et voilà: your transaction history becomes instantly cleaner.

NB: This setting is limited to your web experience, and won't affect your transaction history on iOS or Android.

Quickly access the cards you need

In a large team, you have dozens of cards to manage, making it hard to change the spending limit of that one card your employee asked you to.

On the Web, we have now added quick filter buttons for the filters your are most likely to use, letting you quickly drill down to the card you need.

For example, clicking "Active cards" will hide all cards that are expired, or permanently blocked.

See for yourself:

2018-05-14 19_42_10.gif

We hope these minor changes make a small difference in your everyday Qonto experience: do keep the feedback coming (we're always listening at support@qonto.eu)!

All the best, The Qonto team.

🌱 Meet Qonto's new look

Hello spring!

Spring is often perceived as a time of transition, during which nature renews itself in splendour. Just like Mother Nature, we’ve done our own bit of renewal, to bring you an ever-improving experience for your bank account. ☀️


As you might have seen by now, Qonto’s desktop App has gotten a fresh new look. Sections like History, Payments and Cards have changed a lot. Here’s an overview of what’s been updated recently:

  • 👉 A new dropdown menu to make it easier to find your organisation settings, your own profile and switch between your different accounts, all in one place.
  • 🧐 Updated font, font size and font colours for a better readability. We’ve also made buttons copy more explicit.
  • 🐣 Refreshed lists and tables to get straight to the point and remove distraction.
  • 🔬 Makeover of transactions details so the most important information stands out in the side panel when you click on a transaction. You can now find and edit what you need at a glance!
  • 💄 And many other small changes... making a big difference!

We hope this is to your liking as this is just the beginning! Our design team is busy improving your Qonto experience: more updates will follow soon. 💅

Any thoughts on this new design? Please share with us, we're always listening! You can reach out at support@qonto.eu for feedback.

A bientôt ! 🌸

👩‍💻 Qonto is now compatible with Safari!

Hello, Mac users!

We have good news: you can now access Qonto from the Safari Browser! That means you don't need to switch to Chrome, Firefox or Opera any more to use your favorite banking WebApp 💜!

On our end, we'll keep on working on expanding support to more browsers.

We always love hearing your comments, feedback, and suggestions – so please feel free to drop us a note anytime.

All the best,

The Qonto team 🤓

🗂 Introducing Custom Labels

Bonjour Qontoers,

On this beautiful spring Tuesday 🌷, we're proud to announce custom labels: a brand new feature to help you better categorise your transactions, right inside Qonto! This is going to be a lot more handy to allocate expenses into the right buckets; and we are sure CFOs are going to love it to prepare their analytical P&L easily!

You can now apply labels from up to 3 custom lists to each of your transactions!

Qonto - Custom Labels.png

How do I set up my lists of labels?

Just head to your organisation's settings. From there, you will be able to name and define up to 3 lists, as well as an infinite number of labels per list.

Screenshot 2018-04-06 16.54.18.png

How do I label my transactions?

In the details of your transactions, you will see a new custom labels section in which you can assign a label for each list you have created.

2018-04-06 16_52_33.gif

Good to know

Custom labels are a great way to organize and classify your transactions and help you understand the financials of your business in a better way.

You will then be able to find your assigned labels for each transaction in your CSV (Extended) export, for easy analysis in the spreadsheet editor of your choice!

Custom labels can be set up on your desktop App and can be assigned to transactions through any of your Qonto Apps (iOS, Android and Web)

As usual, feel free to reach out at support@qonto.eu for feedback. We can't wait to hear from you about the way you use custom labels!

Happy Tagging! 🏷️

The Qonto team

P.S.: If you've used our previous "label" feature, fear not: all your transactions are still labelled. You will find your labels in the first list of custom labels.

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