Introducing the X Card

Since the launch of the Plus card last October, we promised you the arrival of a card that is different from anything you have experienced so far. Meet X - the metal card crafted for your future.


🖤 An iconic card

Each X card weighs 17 grams and is made entirely of stainless steel. Engraved using a unique process, each detail has been carefully designed and considered to make it a truly exceptional card.

💫 Crafted for your future

With this new launch, we’re offering professionals the very first metal card specially designed just for them.

With the X Card, you can now:

  • Benefit from a 0% exchange rate
  • Pay up to €60,000 / 30-day rolling period
  • Withdraw up to €3,000 for free / 30-day rolling period
  • Benefit from Qonto’s most exclusive card insurance
  • Take full advantage of a concierge service available 7 days a week
  • Access airport lounges

Everything is included, with no fees added to the card’s €20 monthly rate.

⚡️ Limited edition

This new card is available in a limited edition of 2000 units for all our users who already have an account on our new banking platform.

Have you heard about our new banking platform? If your IBAN starts with QNTO, you already have access to it and to all our new features (including our new X card 🎉)!

Your IBAN starts with TRZO and you haven’t been invited to access your new account? You’ll receive a message from us in the coming days.

Send us your love and ideas to 🥰

The Qonto team

Cash your checks with your smartphone

Unfortunately, you can’t make the days any longer (we’ve tried). Instead, we would like to help you save some valuable time by cashing clients’ checks, wherever you are, directly on your mobile app!


💔 It’s finally here

Nearly a year has passed since check deposit was added to Qonto. Already?! Time flies when you’re in good company. But that’s enough nostalgia for one day. Since its launch on the web application, many of you have been asking when check deposit will be available on the mobile app. Well, consider it done!

You can officially open your day planner to Friday, from 11 am to 12 pm, and scratch “Cash checks on Qonto” from your to-do list. Now, you can cash checks on the go, as they come in each day, directly from your mobile app.

😻 How does it work?

Just do exactly as you would on the web application! The only difference is that the check section on the mobile app is available from the More tab located in the search bar at the bottom of your smartphone screen.

1- Open the check section in the More tab.

2- Click on Deposit a check and follow the instructions.

3- Enter the information on the check: amount, name of the person or company who issued it, date, check number and key.

4- Send it to us by post to the address on your screen. Just to be sure, we recommend getting a tracking number.

5- Wait for a little. Your funds will appear on your account within 24h for checks under €1,000 and 15 days (maximum) for other amounts. It may be a long time to wait, we know, but we need this time to avoid fraudulent checks.

☝️ Remember to ask your clients to make your checks out to the name of your company. Otherwise, we won’t be able to cash them. 😕

😌 An occasional solution

If you’ve used this feature on our website, you’re already aware that we are not fans or avid defenders of this method of payment. We offer this occasional solution, however, in the event that one of your clients has no other option.

Checks are a rather unreliable payment method… That is why we continue to recommend that you opt for transfers, which are fast and secure!

☝️The maximum authorized amounts remain the same: €10,000 over a 30-day period, and a limit of €5,000 per check.

Tell us what you think by sending an email to 💌

The Qonto team

😎 Send up to 200 transfers by uploading a simple .CSV file

Are you familiar with bulk transfer? Yes, that Qonto feature that enables you to send up to 200 transfers at once by uploading a simple .XML file… As it turns out, .XML may not be so simple after all. We have been listening to your needs and are now offering another file type for sending bulk transfers: say hello to .CSV!


🙌 Make way for simplicity

For those of you who use bulk transfers already (and there’s a lot of you), the secret is out! Save time, improve consistency, and minimize errors; enjoy a long list of advantages, whether paying your suppliers, your employees, or anyone else for that matter!

The advantage of .XML is that most payroll and accounting software enable you to download files in this format in one click. Simply download the file, and voila! All that is left to do is upload it to Qonto!

But for you DIYers out there, the .XML file requires a bit (or a lot) of training. With the .CSV file, you can accumulate all of your transfers for the week or month (for suppliers or other beneficiaries) in a single file, without having to be an expert in a specific tool (Excel will do the trick). Once the file is ready, simply upload it to Qonto and let it work its magic!

🤓 How does it work?

Go to the Transfers section of your Qonto app:

1 - Click on Create transfer from the Transfers section

2 - Choose the option Bulk transfer in euros

3 - If you do not use payroll or accounting software that generates an .XML file, we recommend the .CSV file format 🎉

4 - Download the template we created for you, and simply fill in the information for each transfer you want to send in one click

5 - Upload the completed .CSV file

6 - Double check the transfer information. (You even have the option to schedule the transfer for a later time if you’d like!)

7 - Confirm the bulk transfer, and you’re done!

Give it a try and let us know what you think about this new feature by sending your comments to ! If you have suggestions of other file formats that would make your life easier, we would love to hear them!

Until next time ❤️

The Qonto team

🗣 Request a Direct Debit refund

To give you even more control over your payments, Qonto allows you to request a Direct Debit refund from your application! 🥳

SDD refund - release note (1).gif

🤓Did I hear right?

You don’t recognize the amount debited by your creditor? You’ve been debited even if this Direct Debit was suspended? You may not know this, but you’re allowed to request a refund! You have a legal period of 8 weeks to request a refund without having to justify this request.

🧐What types of Direct Debits?

You can request a refund for all your SEPA Core Direct Debits. Very common, they are probably already part of your daily life: electricity, gas, internet subscription... You set it up providing your Qonto IBAN to the creditor.

🤗How does it work?

You realize there’s an error regarding one of your Direct Debits. You can cancel this debit independently by clicking on Request a refund from your transaction details.

👋Good to know

If you’re not able to see the button, that's because your IBAN starts with TRZ. No worries! Simply complete and send us the document that you can download from our FAQ to get a refund.

Qonto is more than ever focused on your autonomy! Feel free to give us your feedback or send a few sweet words at - we love it! 💌

Talk to you soon!

🔝 You have the answer before asking the question

If you don’t recognize a transaction and still have questions about it, you have no time to waste. We decided to give you the answer when you need it!

Transactional helper - Release-note-illustration.gif

We realized by looking more closely at your most common questions that very often your problems could have been solved in a few seconds if you had known what to do. That’s why we decided to give you access to the information in your transaction details.

🤓 How does it work?

  • From your application, access to your transaction History and click on the transaction that questions you.
  • Then click on Do you need Help? in the details of your transaction, you will find all the answers to the most common questions.
  • And if you still have any doubts, you can try the FAQ and we are of course available to help you solve more complex situations.

If you think that some answers might have been appropriate here, feel free to let us know by sending us a message at!

See you 🥰

The Qonto Team

A mistake on a transfer? Simply cancel it! 🙌

Keep control over your transfers (even after they have been validated). You understood right, the transfer cancellation just came in!

3cancel-transfer (2).gif

😍 More autonomy to bring an end to entry errors

Ouch, you realize you’ve made an error after validating a transfer. Keep calm, Qonto allows you to cancel a transfer independently from your interface.

🙋‍♀️ How does it work?

  • You make a small data entry error: IBAN, the amount...
  • You realize this right after the payment validation.
  • You can cancel the payment by clicking on Cancel this transfer in the transaction details. And you're done!

🧐 What kind of transfers can I cancel?

You’re able to cancel interbank transfers. Meaning all transfers to a beneficiary who has a current account at a bank other than Qonto.

Depending on the validation payment hour, you have a longer or a shorter delay to cancel it from your application.

Why? Several times a day, Qonto communicates the details of all transfers to Crédit Mutuel Arkéa (this is where your funds are secured). You are free to cancel the payment by yourself until we communicate the file to Crédit Mutuel Arkéa.

🤗Our advice

Even if providing you with more autonomy means a lot to us, we still advise you to double-check the information entered before validating a transfer.

To send sweet words to our tech and product teams or to ask questions, reach us at ➡️ ! They will be happy to read from you. 💌

Talk to you soon!

🙌 We swear: you won’t forget anymore to download your bank statements

Do you often forget to download your bank statements? Some of you have asked us to get notified once their bank statement becomes available. Good news - it's done!


At the very beginning of each month, once your bank statement of the previous month is available, you get notified by email, so you can easily download and share it!

🤷‍♂️ Why should you download your bank statements?

Your statements are THE source of truth for accounting. And as a quick reminder, in France, you are required to keep a version of these documents for at least 5 years.

🤫 Confidentiality first

You know that the confidentiality of your data is important to us. That's why a login is required to download your monthly statement from your web or mobile app. It will never be attached directly to our email.

Also, we notify users that your company's bank statement is ready depending on their rights and permissions. Only users who have the right to download these statements will get notified: the owner, all Admins, and (last but not least) your accountant!

📬 No more back-and-forth through email with your accountant

You can trash your reminder "Don't forget to send the last bank statement to the accountant !!!!" scheduled on June 2nd!

All that's left to do now is to invite your accountant to join your account on Qonto! On top of receiving your statements by email, your accountant will also benefit from a read-only access to all your transactions.

We hope this helps you and your accountant work better together!

Send us your love or ideas to 🤩


🗣 Qonto helps you go to war against missing receipts

It’s over. You won’t spend any more days claiming missing receipts to others. Qonto helps you to centralize all your company's payment receipts by reminding your employees to attach the missing ones when they forgot to do it so.

gif-headway-obvious-attachment (1).gif

🤷‍♂️ Why collecting missing receipts?

Missing receipts collection is paramount. Accountants need them in order to prepare your books: they help confirm the nature of the purchase and the VAT rate associated with them. Also, if you go for our Premium plan, the VAT is automagically detected from your receipt.

☝️ How does it work?

You’re an employee.

Did you forget to upload some of your payment receipts on Qonto? When you log into your web application, an information banner now reminds you that some are missing. Filter your transaction history and identify the transactions involved.

You’re an accountant.

You log into Qonto to export all the transactions of the month and surprise! A banner announces you that 16 receipts are still missing for the month of March 2019. It couldn’t be simpler, click on Send a reminder to asking all employees concerned to add their receipts.

Send us your comments or love letters to 💌


💫 Qonto invoices are now magically attached to their transactions!

Remember the times back when you had to manually attach the invoices of your Qonto subscription to the matching transactions? These times are now over! Qonto leverages the power of automation in order to reduce repetitive tasks without added value.


Some of you asked for it and it’s now live! From now on, your Qonto invoices are automatically linked to their transactions on your monthly payment date. You no longer need to download your invoice before attaching it manually. Sit back and relax!

🤩In short: you save time – and nothing could make us happier!

Stay tuned! These days, our product team has more ideas than ever before to optimize the management of your accounting. After implementing automatic VAT detection and now automatic addition of Qonto invoices to their transactions, many more amazing features are still to come.

Do you have other great ideas to improve the management of your account? Questions?

Send us your comments or sweet words to 💌


🤖 Qonto automates VAT entry and returns your precious time!

What if we told you that you won’t have to complete the VAT entries of your transactions manually anymore? You’ll finally be able to refocus on what is valuable for your business, save time and secure information entry! 💸

gif-headway-vat-detection-EN (1).gif

It couldn’t be easier!

Pay and scan your receipt by accessing your application and tadaa 🔮 let the magic happen! The new Qonto algorithm automatically detects and enters the VAT on your receipt... All you have to do is to confirm the amount.

No more entry errors and missing data! Just picture how much time you’ll save if we consider your whole team’s receipts. More than saving time, your accountant will absolutely love you! Making the difference between VAT collected and deductible has never been easier.

This new feature is now available for all companies benefiting from a Premium plan. Why not having a quick look at all our Premium plan features – some could allow you to boost your finance management? 🏋🏽‍♀️

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback on this new feature!

To send us love or ideas, it's here 👉