🙌 We swear: you won’t forget anymore to download your bank statements

Do you often forget to download your bank statements? Some of you have asked us to get notified once their bank statement becomes available. Good news - it's done!


At the very beginning of each month, once your bank statement of the previous month is available, you get notified by email, so you can easily download and share it!

🤷‍♂️ Why should you download your bank statements?

Your statements are THE source of truth for accounting. And as a quick reminder, in France, you are required to keep a version of these documents for at least 5 years.

🤫 Confidentiality first

You know that the confidentiality of your data is important to us. That's why a login is required to download your monthly statement from your web or mobile app. It will never be attached directly to our email.

Also, we notify users that your company's bank statement is ready depending on their rights and permissions. Only users who have the right to download these statements will get notified: the owner, all Admins, and (last but not least) your accountant!

📬 No more back-and-forth through email with your accountant

You can trash your reminder "Don't forget to send the last bank statement to the accountant !!!!" scheduled on June 2nd!

All that's left to do now is to invite your accountant to join your account on Qonto! On top of receiving your statements by email, your accountant will also benefit from a read-only access to all your transactions.

We hope this helps you and your accountant work better together!

Send us your love or ideas to support@qonto.eu 🤩


🗣 Qonto helps you go to war against missing receipts

It’s over. You won’t spend any more days claiming missing receipts to others. Qonto helps you to centralize all your company's payment receipts by reminding your employees to attach the missing ones when they forgot to do it so.

gif-headway-obvious-attachment (1).gif

🤷‍♂️ Why collecting missing receipts?

Missing receipts collection is paramount. Accountants need them in order to prepare your books: they help confirm the nature of the purchase and the VAT rate associated with them. Also, if you go for our Premium plan, the VAT is automagically detected from your receipt.

☝️ How does it work?

You’re an employee.

Did you forget to upload some of your payment receipts on Qonto? When you log into your web application, an information banner now reminds you that some are missing. Filter your transaction history and identify the transactions involved.

You’re an accountant.

You log into Qonto to export all the transactions of the month and surprise! A banner announces you that 16 receipts are still missing for the month of March 2019. It couldn’t be simpler, click on Send a reminder to asking all employees concerned to add their receipts.

Send us your comments or love letters to support@qonto.eu 💌


💫 Qonto invoices are now magically attached to their transactions!

Remember the times back when you had to manually attach the invoices of your Qonto subscription to the matching transactions? These times are now over! Qonto leverages the power of automation in order to reduce repetitive tasks without added value.


Some of you asked for it and it’s now live! From now on, your Qonto invoices are automatically linked to their transactions on your monthly payment date. You no longer need to download your invoice before attaching it manually. Sit back and relax!

🤩In short: you save time – and nothing could make us happier!

Stay tuned! These days, our product team has more ideas than ever before to optimize the management of your accounting. After implementing automatic VAT detection and now automatic addition of Qonto invoices to their transactions, many more amazing features are still to come.

Do you have other great ideas to improve the management of your account? Questions?

Send us your comments or sweet words to support@qonto.eu 💌


🤖 Qonto automates VAT entry and returns your precious time!

What if we told you that you won’t have to complete the VAT entries of your transactions manually anymore? You’ll finally be able to refocus on what is valuable for your business, save time and secure information entry! 💸

gif-headway-vat-detection-EN (1).gif

It couldn’t be easier!

Pay and scan your receipt by accessing your application and tadaa 🔮 let the magic happen! The new Qonto algorithm automatically detects and enters the VAT on your receipt... All you have to do is to confirm the amount.

No more entry errors and missing data! Just picture how much time you’ll save if we consider your whole team’s receipts. More than saving time, your accountant will absolutely love you! Making the difference between VAT collected and deductible has never been easier.

This new feature is now available for all companies benefiting from a Premium plan. Why not having a quick look at all our Premium plan features – some could allow you to boost your finance management? 🏋🏽‍♀️

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback on this new feature!

To send us love or ideas, it's here 👉 support@qonto.eu

🤸🏼‍ Making Direct Debits management a Child's Play

We know, when it comes to set up a direct debit…. ouch, it is easy to get confused! 🤯So, we handled it to make the Direct debits section simpler as ever!

gif-headway-sdd-EN (1).gif

Let’s make it clearer!

There are two types of SEPA direct debits:

The SEPA Core direct debits are the most common ones. You just have to send your banking details to the creditor and they’ll initiate the payment. You don’t have to do anything else.

The SEPA B2B direct debits are mostly used by public institutions (URSSAF, DGFIP…). To authorize the debit on your account, the institution has to provide you with a SEPA mandate, which you will have to sign and upload into your Qonto account.

A slick interface

“Easy Business Banking” is all about providing an intuitive interface to help you focus on what matters most: your business. Find all the information you need regarding your SEPA Core or inter-company (B2B) direct debits in only a single tab.

Let us drive you!

No need to be a financial expert to set up a direct debit. You just have to click on Set up a new direct debit and let us guide you through the setup step by step – you won’t even have to know the difference between SEPA Core and B2B (even though we’re pretty sure that you know everything about it by now 😉).

Did your creditor provide you a SEPA mandate form?

If so, after receiving the SEPA mandate, sign and upload it online. Also, enter the bank account information of the person you wish to pay. No more mistakes! We guide you in setting up a new direct debit with the information we’ve collected on public institutions. In case of mismatching data between what you’ve entered and the creditor concerned, you’ll be notified in real time (and avoid any unpleasant surprises)!

If not, your creditor takes care of everything – you just have to provide your banking details and won't have to set it up on Qonto.

Did we hear a sigh of relief?

As you already noticed, this new interface has been tailor-made for you! To send sweet words to our tech and product teams (they deserve it) or ask questions, you can reach out right here support@qonto.eu 💌

See you!

🔔 Announcing check deposit on Qonto

Many of you have asked us about check deposits on Qonto in the past. After a few months of hard work and beta testing within our community, you’re finally able to deposit checks as part of your business. 🤗


Even though the feature is now available, please notice that our philosophy has not changed. We consider checks to become more and more extinct in the near future. This feature shall be used as an exceptional solution for you, in case your customers have no other available payment option. 💸

For more traceability and security, fill in the check information (check issuer, amount, check number, date of issue) by accessing the App “Check Deposit“ section on a desktop.

Send us your check by mail within a week to the address that appears on your screen. Please be aware of the delay resulting from postal mailings. If we do not receive the check in time, we won’t be able to register the transaction.

Check deposits come with heavy manual processing costs to register the transaction and avoid fraud. Therefore, specific conditions apply to this feature:

  • the amount will appear on your account 15 working days after we’ve received the check by mail. This delay is due to the heavy manual processing to register the transaction and to avoid fraud,

  • checks must be made payable to the legal company name,

  • the amount collected by check cannot exceed €10.000 per month, within the limit of €5.000 per single check,

  • depending on your plan, additional fees may apply.

You're looking for a more efficient payment method? Transfers offer more advantages in terms of security and are free. 👌

Don’t hesitate to give us feedback on support@qonto.eu 💌

Qonto Team

🤳 A fresh look for transfers and requests on iOS & Android!

Update your Qonto app - we've just released version 1.8.2 on the Google Play Store and version 1.8.1 on the App Store. en_requests_list_ios_screens (2).jpg

We've updated the look-and-feel of the transfer orders and transfer requests sections to help you manage your upcoming payments effortlessly! 👨🏻‍🎨

Thank you for your feedback on support@qonto.eu , this is gold for us 🤗!

Qonto team

🔖 Making transfer requests even better!

Since day one, one of our key missions at Qonto has been to facilitate your company’s financial management. With the Requests feature, any team member with access to Qonto can initiate a transfer that will be validated by one of the account’s Admin.

From the day we released this feature at the beginning of last summer, many of you have reached out to us to suggest improvements.

Therefore, we are extremely happy to announce that you can now use:

  • Scheduled transfer requests: because what’s done is done. You can now anticipate transfer requests by setting up an execution date. If approved by an Admin, it will be processed on the chosen date automatically.

  • Standing transfer requests: you can initiate a payment to be executed on a weekly or monthly basis. Once approved, it will automatically be executed at each payment date.

  • Bulk transfer requests: team members - especially your finance manager - are now able to request bulk transfers by uploading an .XML file.


And because we know that sometimes you have to keep an eye on the business while on the go, we've made it possible to review and approve all these transfers directly in our mobile applications (bulk transfers are coming very soon!)!

⛓Qonto introduces a new Referral program 🎁

Qonto released a new Referral program system allowing you to recommend Qonto to your peers and be rewarded for it. Here is how it works and how to keep track of potential rewards.

We’ve noticed that most of our 25.000+ users recommend Qonto to fellow business owners and we couldn’t be more grateful for this. Since this started organically, we’d like to fuel the movement and encourage referrals by offering a reward to you and your referees.

That’s why we introduced a brand new referral program. You can find it in the bottom left corner of your Qonto App.


How does it work?

With this new system, each and every organization using qonto has a dedicated link that can be shared either on social media or via email to other companies eager to subscribe to Qonto.

You can copy/paste your company’s referral link from the Qonto app or fill-in directly your contacts email addresses and we’ll send them a personalized message on your behalf.

When signing up through your referral link, each company will receive a €10 credit on their Qonto account and you’ll receive an additional €10 on yours for putting a good word for us.

Capture d’écran 2018-10-11 à 14.55.49.png

Note : Both rewards are triggered after your referee’s first payment with a Qonto card.

We’ve also added a way to keep track of your earnings. As soon as companies start using your link to sign up, you'll see your pending and validated earnings in a side panel of the 'Recommend Qonto' tab.

Your opinion matters to us!

For any feedback or question, we encourage you to get in touch with our support team by email : support@qonto.eu!

📚 A brand new (and easier!) way to visualize attachments in Qonto

Qonto introduced earlier this week a brand new way to visualize transactions attachments in the Qonto app.

This update aims to provide you with a sleeker UX and let you visualize attachments while being able to fill in VAT rate, add custom labels or a note to let your team members know about the context of each spending.

This means you’ll be able to see the receipt on the left while the right-hand tab lets you pick:

  • VAT country
  • VAT rate
  • VAT amount


Note: If you want to check how your admin can set up custom labels for your Qonto account, please check this page.

For accountants and finance managers who have to check each receipt individually, it’s also a much quicker and convenient way to check if the data is correct by comparing it with the actual document in one split view. They’re likely to save a lot of time and hassle. And so do you!

We hope that this new UX upgrade will help you get the most of your Qonto current account.

For any feedback or question, we encourage you to get in touch with our support team by email : support@qonto.eu!

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